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Thanks for being here and welcome to my new content for 2023! I'll be bringing you design and decorating decor and tips on a regular basis and would love for you to hang with me for some fun and inspiration. For today, let's 'SHOP THE LOOK'! Cleared out your holiday decor and feeling like your space seems a little bare? Mine does! After the holidays are over, I'm always ready to find ways to make my home feel warm and inviting again. Freshen up and add some new pieces in 2023. Incorporate accessories such as a new coffee table book (the remarkable Queen Elizabeth), a throw blanket to cozy up with during these cold winter days, pillows, and greenery to bring the outside in. Or go big with new furniture pieces. This entire room can be yours - everything here is shoppable!

This post contains affiliate links, so if you purchase anything, I may even earn some coffee money (which I promise to drink while I'm creating more content for you!), at no additional cost to you.

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