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There are endless colors and shades available.  Finding the right paint color can be intimidating.  Color can be transformative and affect how you feel in a space.  If you're not sure what might work best in your room(s),   I can help select the exact colors for you for your walls and/or ceilings.  Additionally, paint selections can be made for cabinetry and furniture.  

In-home and virtual consultations are available.  Consults are typically a minimum of one hour in length depending on need.  Payments are expected to be made prior to the consultation.

For in-home consults, I'll bring paint swatches from reputable paint brands.  We'll discuss your color preferences and goals. I will then recommend specific paint colors, and we'll narrow down any options presented.  For no additional charge, I can then have larger paint swatch sheets mailed to you for you to test prior to painting.  For virtual consults, larger paint swatch sheets will be mailed to you after we discuss your needs in the same way as in-home consults. 


I'll ensure a recommended color palette that is cohesive, coordinates with your existing furnishings, and provides the impact you desire. 

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