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Rooms look more put together and 'finished' with the right furniture and accessories that reflect your personal style and meet your needs. I'll search for these items and other materials/products such as flooring, window treatments, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.  We'll start by discussing your goals, likes/dislikes, desired look/feel, function, and budget.  I'll present you with the options after I've combed through the countless products available.  Items will be purchased by me on your behalf (upfront payment for purchases required).  I can arrange furniture and accessories in your space. 

All projects with furnishings require decor/accessories to be sourced, purchased, and arranged by me.


Take the stress out of not knowing where to look, sifting through endless options on the market, and coordinating looks and styles.  Take advantage of an expert that sees the big picture and visualizes the end result. 


Service is beneficial for residential homes, commercial businesses, and even rental properties, including vacation rentals such as Airbnb's.

Service can be rendered with in-person contact or virtually.

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