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No 'Oops' Needed!

You shopped for furniture for your home, the pieces get delivered, and uh oh...the sofa looks too large, the coffee table seems off, and the chair doesn't fit in the room. Sound familiar? You can either...

A. Try to return the items and pay for return shipping costs, wasting time and money. Then start all over again.


B. You can keep it all and settle for what doesn't work functionally and aesthetically.

This situation is rather common. That's why as an Interior Designer, I always do furniture space plans first before considering any furniture pieces. You may have needs to sit a certain number of people, want to ensure the room includes storage pieces for toys, and end tables for your cup of coffee. I'll know how to make it all fit beautifully.

I'll save you time and money by doing the space planning for you. Reach out for help!

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