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Let's Talk Trends!

What do these photos have in common? They are all showing trends that I saw at High Point Market, an interior design trade event, this month. Light woods, rattans, wicker, lots of texture. Should you follow the trends? Let's talk about it!

It's always good to know the trends (and I love to talk about them!) but this doesn't mean you have to follow them and incorporate these trends into your spaces if they don't reflect YOU. Your home should be a place that has meaning to you, inspires you, makes you feel happy and comfortable. And if you do follow the trends because you LIKE THEM, then it doesn't matter when the trends change because those trends reflect YOU.

Let me give you an example of how I've seen trends play out...

I have often had clients tell me that they wanted to paint their walls the color grey over the last few years. When I asked them if they liked the color grey, they said 'NO'! So why would you want to have your walls painted grey? And their answer was because they thought it was the trend! Needless to say, we didn't paint those clients' walls grey. We found colors that they actually liked and would make them happy for years to come. On the flip side, we have had clients' walls painted grey because they actually loved the color, not just because it was trending. So if you like purple, do purple! Do whatever makes your home look and feel like yours.

Light woods, rattans, wicker, lots of textures...reach out to me if you want help incorporating these trends into your spaces. Or something else - BE YOU!

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